DIGESTINUM-FORTE is a natural supplementary feed produced by horseradish roots, fermented of soybean meal, herbs and oak bark shavings. It has a positive effect on health and performance of the animals.
DIGESTINUM-FORTE is produced by a controlled lactic acid fermentation, which is initiated by several specially selected strains of lactic acid bacteria. In the course of the fermentation the substrate (soybean meal) is converted and different metabolites (e.g. short chain peptides) which are known to enhance the mucosal immunity and thereby the general health, are produced by the bacteria.
Sophisticated drying techniques ensure that the fermentation flora is to a large extent preserved in the product so that DIGESTINUM-FORTE contains a high number of naturally occurring lactic acid bacteria.

DIGESTINUM-FORTE leads to an optimal balance of the bacteria involved in digestion when included into the feed. Due to the well functioning digestive tract performance and feed conversion of the animals are improved. Experts reckon that 70% of the immunity originates from the intestine. There is a close and symbiotic interaction between the digestive flora and the organism as a whole.
DIGESTINUM-FORTE contains horseradish roots. The horseradish peroxidase is the most stable peroxidase among those of plant origin. The horseradish peroxidase has antiviral, antibacterial- and antifungal effects.
Besides, the horseradish stimulates the appetite.

Dosage recommended:
Horses: 25 g per animal per day